Install Zabbix 5 di CentOS 8 Apache MySQL

Pre Installed

Alternatif : Kalau server hanya di lokal, disable firewallnya saja systemctl stop firewalld

Install Zabbix


Buat Database dan User Zabbix

Config DBPassword di file zabbix

Install Frontend (

Install Agent Di Windows

Panduan :

Pastikan :
– firewall tidak nge-block,
– settingan di agent.conf Server, Server Active, Hostname
– Jangan lupa restart juga di agent kalo sudah ganti konfig

So, Zabbix server or proxy successfully opens a TCP connection to agent to do a passive check (to get an item value).
One possible reason – Zabbix agent closes connection because it comes from a host or IP address, not matching “Server=” parameter in zabbix_agentd.conf file.
Another reason – if encryption is used – could be problems with TLS.
Yet another reason – some network device (firewall?) between server and agent is disrupting communication.

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